Composing is discovering yourself


Emotions enchanted in low sounds

I love people, traveling, communing with nature. Mindfulness for the small subtleties of this world, the search for beauty, the admiration for the fleetingness of the moment – these are the things which inspire me to writing music and telling stories with the help of sounds.

I look forward to each day that will bring new experiences and images as a gift. They make us richer and become an inspiration to create. I wish you a lot of love, smile and cheerfulness!

Fot. Justyna Faber

I’m a bass guitarist, double bass player, composer, songwriter, co-leader and founder of the Mundinova band whose debut album entitled „W drodze” released in 2021. In 2022, I plan to release the debiut album as a leader – Marzena Cybulka Quintet. I’ve completed the 2nd degree Wrocław’s Jazz and Popular Music School in Tomasz Grabowy’s bass guitar class and also holds BA of the Music Academy named after K. Szymanowski at the faculty of Jazz, Education and Entertainment Music in Katowice in the bass guitar class of Adam Kowalewski and MA in environmental protection at the University of Wroclaw.

…Cybulka, who easily steals the show with her bass virtuosity, which should make many bassists truly envious. She is simply sensational and beautifully exemplifies that female intuition and feel are much more important than technical proficiency and showmanship trickery, albeit she lacks neither. She really has the Groove!”

Adam Baruch, 'The soundtrack of me life”

In 2007 I commenced to work at the Capitol musical theater in Wrocław playing in „Operetta” (directed byMichał Zadara, music by Leszek Możdżer). This collaboration soon extended by other productions: „A chorus line” (directed by Michael Bennett, music by Marvin Hamlisch), „Dzieje grzechu”(directed by Anna Kękuś, music by Krzesimir Dębski), „Hair” (directed by Gerome Ragni & JamesRado , music by Galalt MacDermot) and „Ścigając Zło” (directed by K. Imiel). In 2009, together with the cast of Operetta, she participated in the Live Arts Festival in Philadelphia.

I’ve collaborated with outstanding artists such as: Leszek Możdżer, Mike Russel, Thomas San-chez, Artur Lesicki, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Mateusz Ziółko, Kasia Wilk, Felicjan Jędrzejczak, IgorHerbut, Robert Janowski, Wojciech Myrczek, Kasia Moś, Maria Sadowska. I co-founded twosmaller bands in Poland performing Latin American music: Omni con Ire and Familia Fuerte. Currently and cooperate with the Silesian Art Collective Chamber Orchestra with which I perform in Poland and abroad. As the leader of the band under me name: Marzena Cybulka Quintet, I have won awards at twoprestigious festivals in Poland: Krokus Jazz Festival in Jelenia Góra and Azoty Jazz Contest inTarnów. In 2019, along with the Mundinova band, I was awarded first prize in the plebiscite of the international Bass & Beat Festival in Wrocław. In the same year, I received a special distinction for me score at the festival „Wschody” in Lublin for the song „W Drodze”. Together with Mundinova I participated in the Galway Jazz Festival in Ireland. The band has also performed concerts in Norway at the invitation of Stella Polaris theater in Sandefjord.

I’m also the author of music for the radio theatre „Łączy nas Odra, a co ona nam opowie”. I’m a member of the Polish Jazz Association Wrocław. From November 2019, I’m the owner of the Mundi Art publishing house. Privately, a fan of mountain expeditions, table tennis and good books.

W drodze Mundinova

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